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  • 50 Years of Leadership

    Established in Ashland, Virginia in 1958, VSC Fire & Security, Inc. has more than five decades of experience in installation, inspection and service of fire protection, fire sprinkler, life safety and security systems. VSC Fire & Security, Inc. services all of Virginia through four district offices. Our Richmond district offices provide services to facilities located in the Richmond area and in cities east to Williamsburg, south to the North Carolina line, north to Stafford and west to Staunton, Harrisonburg and Lexington.

  • Comprehensive, One-Stop Service

    For seamless integration with all your fire protection, life safety and security systems, VSC Fire & Security, Inc. delivers reliable, professional and experienced fire sprinkler inspection, fire alarm inspection, testing, retrofit, repair, record keeping and 24-hour on call support. In addition, our Richmond professionals provide integrated solutions for the suppression, detection, alarm and extinguishing system requirements for your facility. Our VSC Fire & Security, Inc. fire protection team repairs and inspects a wide variety of systems from many different brands.

  • Reliable Inspections & Repair Service

    Look to VSC Fire & Security, Inc. for well-trained, professionals who will inspect, test and maintain your fire protection, life safety and security systems to ensure proper performance of your system's components. Our technicians are certified by the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET). These professionals thoroughly inspect your system and make recommendations for modifications, repairs or upgrades based on your facility's needs and code requirements.

Comprehensive Service & Inspections

National Fire Protection Association Codes dictate daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual, three year and five year testing and inspection requirements for fire protection systems. VSC Fire & Security, Inc. works closely with our customers to maintain mandatory fire sprinkler inspection and fire alarm inspection schedules. Our goal is to help our clients maintain compliance and stay ahead of inspection and maintenance requirements to avoid costly and time-consuming re-inspection orders and fire code violations. Many of customers achieve significant cost savings and save both effort and time by consolidating all of their fire protection services and inspections with VSC Fire & Security, Inc.

With our expertise and support, we partner with you to stay ahead of all of your fire sprinkler inspection and fire alarm inspection needs, schedules and requirements. Our customers who opt for an Inspection and Service Contract find it very convenient to streamline fire sprinkler and fire protection system inspections and service. This option simplifies the management of fire sprinkler and fire alarm inspections with one main phone number, one master invoice and one primary contact. VSC Fire & Security, Inc. fire protection professionals develop a customized schedule for inspections and service. We also provide automatic reminders for upcoming service requirements and assist with scheduling and follow-up. To help optimize your compliance with fire protection equipment inspection requirements, ask about our long term fire sprinkler and Richmond fire alarm inspection contracts.

Corrosion and Obstruction Inspection, Mitigation & Resolution

VSC Fire & Security, Inc. also offers corrosion inspection and resolution services for internal fire sprinkler system pipes. Ask us about our Internal Pipe Inspection services to detect microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC), sludge, rust and debris from the water supply. Fire sprinkler system corrosion and water damage potential costs include: damage to or loss of interiors walls and floors, furnishings, equipment, products and/or data storage, threat of mold growth, disruption of workplace productivity, replacement and emergency repair costs and more. To address the increasing threat of corrosion and obstruction in fire sprinkler systems, VSC Fire & Security, Inc. provides professional mitigation and resolution services.

Low Voltage, Security & Fire Alarm Specialists

The Richmond district office of VSC Fire & Security, Inc. has extensive fire alarm, low voltage and security experience and capabilities. We offer a broad range of capabilities in low voltage systems including fire alarm, security, CCTV, access control and nurse call systems. In addition, we install and service gas detection, flame and spark detection systems. Early warning fire detection systems such as air sampling aspirating and video smoke detection systems are also areas of expertise for VSC Fire & Security, Inc. Contact us today to learn about the wide variety of low voltage, security and fire alarm solutions offered by the trained professionals at VSC Fire & Security, Inc.

Fire Pumps and Associated Controls

With over 50 years of proven performance, VSC Fire & Security, Inc. sells, installs, services and inspects fire pump controls for both small and large facilities. We also provide backflow prevention and cross connection protection services. In some cases, we service fire pumps and controllers which date back several decades. On the other hand, our technicians are also fully experienced with inspecting and servicing today's state-of-the art fire suppression systems and associated control panels, fire pumps and fire pump controllers. Of course VSC Fire & Security, Inc. also provides 24-7 emergency service and repairs for both new and current customers.

Explosion Protection Systems

Our Richmond district office is a leading provider of explosion suppression, explosion isolation and explosibility testing of dusts and gasses. Give us a call to schedule an appointment to learn more about how VSC Fire & Security, Inc. can help install a explosion protection systems in the your facility, manufacturing or processing plant. We will evaluate your needs and recommend a system that provides the right combination of venting, isolation and explosion protection. You can rest assured that our explosion protection technicians are available 24/7 should you ever need service on your explosion protection system. We have factory trained explosion protection technicians on staff in our Richmond location that are ready to serve you. Down time equates to lost revenue. Our local service capability means we can respond to your service needs faster, reducing the lost revenue associated with down time.

Fire Extinguisher Sales, Service & Inspection

VSC Fire & Security, Inc. sells, services, recharges and inspects numerous manufacturers and brands of fire extinguishers. We have on-site fire extinguisher re-charging service capability, and we also offer hydro testing and recharge at our local Richmond fire extinguisher service facility.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection Overview

  • Determine the size, number and type of fire extinguishers and assess compliance
  • Analyze whether the fire volume is calibrated at the required intervals
  • Evaluate the pressurization and charge level for each fire extinguisher unit
  • Determine the accessibility, the visibility, site and height of each fire extinguisher
  • Closely examine the handles, hoses, shell, nozzles, valve, O-rings, and horn for ruse, wear, tampering, erosion and rust
  • Adhere the tamper seal on the locking pin and update and complete the service tag requirements (if the fire extinguisher is deemed compliant)

VSC Fire & Security, Inc. will provide a comprehensive estimate for recommended service, testing, re-charging or replacement as needed.

Fixed Chemical Suppression

Fixed chemical suppression systems are typically installed to provide protection for the equipment in sensitive or critical facilities such as data processing or clean rooms. These systems are designed to alert occupants before extensive damage occurs and to help protect the equipment by filling the area with gaseous or chemical extinguishing agents. VSC Fire & Security, Inc. offers extensive services for fixed chemical suppressions systems. We install, service and inspect fixed clean agent systems including FM-200, Ecaro and Novec 1230. As an alternative to these Clean Agent systems, we also offer Aerosol Suppression systems for use in normally unoccupied areas. For protection of turbine generators and bearings, we offer both high and low pressure Co2 suppression systems. For industrial applications as well as some commercial applications, VSC Fire & Security, Inc. provides dry chemical agent systems which are used to protect dip tanks, flammable liquid storage, mechanical rooms, exhaust ducts, quench tanks and coating equipment and more.

Emergency Repair & Service Open 24-7

For emergency service for the malfunction of your fire sprinklers, fire alarm or fire extinguishers, contact the VSC Fire & Security, Inc. Fire Emergency Repair Hotline. VSC Fire & Security, Inc. Richmond is your partner for all your fire protection service requirements.
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